Rangasayee's strength lies in its dedicated personnel, teamwork and well equipped manufacturing facilities.  
  Melting is done in a Medium Frequency Electric Induction Furnace. Hot metal is analyzed in a Vacuum Spectrometer before tapping, which ensures quality metal and, temperature is measured and controlled.  
  Moulding wherein sand is conditioned in a high speed Intensive Mix Muller and moulds are made with Simultaneous Jolt Squeeze moulding machines and closed with a mould-closing unit. CO² Cores and Oil Cores, baked with an Electric Oven ensure right quality.  
  Fettling is done using hanger type Shot Blasting Machine, Pedestal and Swing Frame Grinders and Die Grinders.  
  Heat Treatment is carried out in an Electric Heat Treatment Furnace.  
    650 KW / 500 kgs. Medium Frequency Electric Induction Furnace  
    Semi Automatic Moulding and Closing Unit  
  Mould Conveyor line with Mono Rail Pouring System  
    300 kgs. Intensive Mix Muller  
  Electric Core Oven  
  1000 kgs. Hanger Type Shot Blasting Machine  
    Electric Heat Treatment Furnace  
  Vacuum Spectrometer  
  Sand Testing Equipments  
  Chemical Analysis Laboratory  
    3000 kgs. Brinell Hardness Testing Machine  
    20 Tonnes Universal Tensile Testing Machine  
    150 kgs. Vickers Hardness Testing Machine  
    Hot Metal Analyzer with Pyrometer  
    Metallurgical Microscope  
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