Grades of Castings:  
  We are an ISO 9001 - 2015 Company manufacturing castings of various grades to Indian and International Standards:  
  Ductile Iron (SG Iron) Standards:  

 IS 1865

   ASTM A 536  
    BS 2789  
   DIN 1693  
    JIS G 5502  
    EN 1563  
  Nodular Ni - Resist Iron :  
    ASTM A 439  
  Ni - Hard Iron :  
   IS 4771  
   ASTM A 532  
  Rangasayee Alloy Castings caters to the needs of the following Industries:  
   Power Tillers & Tractors  
    Earth Moving Equipments  
    Boiler Plants  
    Pipes & Fittings  
  Casting Profile Includes:  

  Flywheel Castings

    Power Tiller Castings  
   Three Wheeler Auto components  
   Two Wheeler Bike Castings  
   Boiler Components  
    Bushings & End Collars  
   Hydraulic Piston & Glands  
   Steering Box Castings  
   Engine Components  
   Valve Bodies  
    Rocker Arms & Housings  
   Pipe Fittings  
   Starter Motor Housings  
    Ring Gears & Sleeves  
    Hand Wheels  
  Rangasayee Alloy Castings is tuned to manufacture 2500 Tonnes in an year and is capable to supply:  
    Castings weighing from few grams to 350 kgs.  
   In Machined and Unmachined Conditions  
   Batches of Small and Big  
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